Our Why

On why we decided to create PowerDrop, and what we see as most important for a ecommerce product research tool.


Our Starting Point

We created PowerDrop because as dropshippers we felt like all of the solutions in the market are created for self profit and gain, while forgetting that the users really need a powerful and fair tool to help them grow their online business.

Nothing is new under the sun. PowerDrop is a value-driven product. It means our priority is to make sure that our users enjoy the best research tools available in the market, while keeping it easy and affordable for everyone to try.

"We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace"

— Jim Rohn

eCommerce + Big Data = $$$

We also noticed the lack of technology used in so called modern research tools. While giant internet companies like Amazon or Facebook have access to these kinds of data - most of the small to middle businesses are yet to use big data for their advantage - especially in eCommerce. With that in mind, we designed our infrastructure to support various data sets like listings, variations, sellers or transactions to deliver new data-driven research features that simply does not exist anywhere else. We track over 150M eBay Listings, Sellers and listing variations while handling millions of new data sets everyday.


Why PowerDrop

Because the eBay drop-shipping community deserves more than that. YOU deserve more than that. If you are a veteran in the industry - you know tactics have to change every once in a while, as the eBay platform is changing itself with new polices, demands and algorithms. Our top goal is to make sure the users of PowerDrop are never left behind when new opportunities emerge in the market. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do. The PowerDrop Team

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